Miller Heiman cambia logo

Miller Heiman cambia logo

Miller Heiman Group, da oltre trent’anni attiva nella consulenza sulle sales performance e da oltre 13 Partner di Artax Consulting Group, si presenta con un nuovo logo, con il nome e l’efficacia di sempre, per continuare a supportare le multinazionali italiane nello sviluppo del business internazionale.

Ecco l’annuncio:

here’s something new in the air at Miller Heiman Group.

That’s right – Miller Heiman Group. Effective immediately, our new name is Miller Heiman Group.

This is more than just a name change. We’ve completely reinvented ourselves by keeping everything you love about Miller Heiman and infusing innovation and technology into everything we do.

Here’s what I mean:

  • We are making major investments in technology in each and every one of our solutions to make them more effective and easier to use. As an example, we recently launched innovative digital versions of several products and expanded them to include new, cutting edge concepts to help you sell and service better.
  • We now offer more consulting capabilities than ever before so our customers can take advantage of our experience and expertise in the workplace performance industry in order to drive stronger growth and higher performance.
  • We are focusing more on talent so you can better identify, find and hire the right people for the right job at the right time. Talent is the lifeblood of a sales team, and research from CSO Insights tells us when you hire the best talent, they will work 19 percent harder, stay longer (56 percent higher retention rates), produce more (three times higher revenue) and perform better (34 percent higher performance).

As a result, we’ve created our Be Ready solutions, the most comprehensive offering on the market designed to transform your business and drive revenue though your sales and service functions. These solutions are not your father’s Miller Heiman. We took our legacy brands and added new concepts and built new platforms to design and deliver more robust products for the modern learner.

In other words, we’re changing the way we do business to make it easier for our customers to transform their sales and service teams into revenue engines.

You can expect to see our new name introduced in the market throughout the rest of 2016. And while our name has changed, our commitment to helping customers achieve success has not. In fact, it’s stronger than ever. If you want to know how Miller Heiman Group can help you, learn more about our Be Ready solutions to see how we can help you today.

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